Top Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows You Should Watch

Finding a good TV series to binge-watch can be quite tricky. A good series will get you hooked from the very first episode. Nowadays, the spannendste series netflix will leave you feeling excited, ready to hope for the next episode. However, there are other equally exciting TV shows you should check out. If you’re like me, you are looking for several other shows like The 100 while waiting for another area


The storyline revolves around a bunch of airplane crash survivors. It starts as a survival series but shortly mixes some sci-fi and fantasy elements. We are introduced to time travel and the afterlife as the episodes unravel. Through its course of six seasons, secrets kept cracking only to disclose more puzzles. When you feel you had everything figured out, you get another surprise, forcing you to stay with it for another few episodes.


Fox TV has always had an eye for finding talent. However, they are notorious for canceling good shows. There wasn’t any doubt that Firefly was one of the best of its time. From acting to a grasping script, everything about the show was fascinating. Firefly is the best example of what can happen to a fantastic TV show if you don’t have a good team of executives. It was among the best sci-fi shows ever to hit the screens. Fox still canceled the show. Though this series was canceled way before it reached its prime, there is still a great deal of content to view.


The negative reviews this show received were somewhat shocking to me. But it’s not quite as bad as some reviews would lead you to think. The series is based on a future of chaos. Food and other necessities are scarce, compelling individuals to form groups if they want to stay alive. The narrative picks up when some people today opt to try and discover the reason behind the black-out. A blueprint of discoveries follows along with the mystery slowly starts to unravel. Every episode answers a couple of questions while raising a few more. It’s such a pity that NBC had to cancel it. Nonetheless, you still have two complete seasons of the post-apocalyptic show to enjoy.

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